Building Our Home pt. 1


As of today, we are 58 days into our 190 day promise date on our home build… But who’s counting? 😜 By the end of next week, we should have our roof on and windows and siding are there ready to install as well!

My husband and I looked into building with Hiline Homes a couple years ago and really loved their 2188 floor plan, but there were a few limitations on what they could modify for us. We hired someone to draw us up something similar, had it finalized, sent it to the architect, had it signed off on, and ended up doing that 3 whole times before we got it just right. I’m going to insert my first bit of advice here: Take advantage of your free revisions, because after you finalize, and especially after it’s sent to the architect, it’s going to cost you a TON of money that you could have used elsewhere. So, make sure you are 100% sure it’s exactly what you want before you finalize it. Trust us on that!

So, after all of that, we sat with those 3 sets of finalized plans for a while before we happened upon another Hiline booklet, and really saw the 2041 floor plan in a different light. I made a binder with my home ideas, and all the pieces started to click together for me. A few weeks later, we had ourselves a shiny new Hiline Homes building contract.

Once we got our site prepped it didn’t take them long at all to get started. Like, things started moving really fast. So, when you first go into Hiline’s office and price out options, you get to pick your cupboards and countertops. You then have to schedule an appointment with the flooring/tile company. They suggest you do this right away. My next bit of advice: DO IT RIGHT AWAY! My guess is that, like me, once you get there and see your previous choices with the other options, that you might change your mind. Which is completely fine, as long as they haven’t poured your foundation. Once your foundation is poured, there is a change order fee for any changes made… and I found that the cupboard color we picked actually looked a bit orange and didn’t go with any of the other colors we liked. So ultimately we had to change our cupboard color with Hiline, and pay the change order fee.

I will be sharing with you how it all turns out, and give my final review of Hiline Homes at that time. So far, we are very pleased with the progress. If I happen upon any other bits of advice, I will be sure to share that with you as well!

Are you currently building a home with Hiline? I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you all for reading, and have a wonderful day!

– Heather

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